World Money Token – Buy, Earn, Sell

WMT Smart Finance Solutions™

How it Works?

How you make profit on each transaction.

Each World Money Token (WMT) transaction is charged 5% as follows: 1% network development fee + 4% fee which is distributed to all World Money Token (WMT) holders.

Certain addresses, like the DEX Pools, WMT Project Owner or exchange wallets, are blocked from earning fees. Because of this, 100% of the profit generated go to holders of the token. The percentage of profit you earn is calculated by the percentage of WMT that you own among holders.

This generates a much higher yield than would be possible otherwise. The more a person holds WMT Tokens, the more profit he generates, thus stimulating people to invest and hold this token

90% of the funds raised from the initial DEX offering (IDO), initial Ape Offerings (IAO) and Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) will be blocked in the exchanges where the initial initial offering was made.

Being a token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, the liquidity funds will initially be available on PanCakeSwap and DODO Exchange and will be listed on other DEX exchanges.

For example, John wants to send Bill 1000 WMT to pay his rent. John sends 1000 WMT of which:

950 WMT is sent to Bill 95%
40 WMT is sent to all WMT Token holders 4%
10 WMT is sent to WMT Smart Finance Solutions™ 1%

Now Bill has 950 WMTs in his account that he can exchange into fiat or he can keep them into account and accumulate more commission from the transactions that WMT Token users make.