World Money Token – Buy, Earn, Sell

About Classic

For example, John wants to send Bill 1000 WMT to pay his rent.
John sends 1000 WMT of which:

950 WMT is sent to Bill 95%
40 WMT is sent to all WMT Token holders 4%
10 WMT is sent to WMT Smart Finance Solutions™ 1%

Now Bill has 95 WMTs in his account that he can exchange into fiat or he can keep them into account and accumulate more commission from the transactions that WMT Token users make.

90% of the funds raised from the initial DEX offering (IDO), initial Ape Offerings (IAO) and Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) will be blocked in the exchanges where the initial initial offering was made.

Being a token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, the liquidity funds will initially be available on PanCakeSwap and DODO Exchange and will be listed on other DEX exchanges.

The Problem

What is CryptiBIT?

High availability and high scalability trade matching engine to sustain a deep orderbook on all pairs. Market, limit, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop orders. Self-cancelling and expiration orders.

Advisory and technology services to execute third-party ICOs. New listing and market making services to foster enhanced token liquidity.

We use technology to feel connected without realizing that digital connections prove to be poor substitutes to real-life interaction. What’s more, younger generations, who are most in need of real-world socialization, are affected more than anyone! We believe this damaging trend will only get worse without intervention.

Crypto is an ERC20 compliant token generated during our ICO. Crypto has a finite supply. Crypto enables its owners to support our vision by creating and curating challenges. Owners get rewarded based on the quality of their activity and their level of engagement.

Blockchain Strategy


All in one Platform
Fixed exchange rates
Global coverage and presence in all countries of the World.
All in one Platform
Large-scale service
Exchange is conducted directly between the seller and the buyer.
All in one Platform
All the tools you need
Smart contracts are an integral part of the CryptiBIT ecosystem
All in one Platform
Every transaction is rated by both parties, and the reputation of each